Why Choose Organic?


In the United States, the “certified organic” label is only given to farmers who undergo annual audits to ensure the following federal standards are met:

X No synthetic fertilizers or pesticides
X No antibiotics or hormones
X No genetically modified organisms

This is important because you don’t want to consume the synthetic, toxic chemicals that are used in pesticides like glyphosate (Round up) which is a known carcinogen. These synthetic chemicals have been liked to:

– endocrine disruption
– neurotoxicity
– cancer
– gastric distress
– liver disease

In the absence of fertilizers, fungicides, and pesticides plants are able to boost their phytonutrient production. This makes them more nutrient dense and they taste better!!

You want to eat real, whole foods in their most pure form without added chemicals and toxic ingredients. Choose foods that are organic! Look for the certified USDA ORGANIC label!

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