How I Help

What Makes Me Different

There are many functional nutrition medicine doctors, nurses, health coaches, practitioners, etc. out there. So, why work with me?

I believe in what I do, not just because I’ve studied and trained in functional nutrition, but because I’ve healed myself and helped many chronically ill people do the same.


Initial Functional Nutrition Appointment $325

Potential additional costs (not everyone will need these options)

Follow Up Appointment $175 (1 hr)

At each Follow-Up Appointment, we will check on the progress you have made. We will strengthen what is working and re-arrange anything that isn’t. We will develop new goals to get you closer to attaining your health goals.

Usually, Follow Up Appointments are anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks after your Initial Appointment. It just depends on what you need and what your goals are. Everybody is different.   There is no contract or mandatory Follow Up Appointments.  I work hard to meet my clients where they are and am very flexible with when you choose to Follow Up!



What will make Functional Nutrition a Success For You

Be Committed

Stay the course & be dedicated to your healing. Healing isn’t linear. I wish it was. Your commitment will get you through the ups and down of the healing journey.

Have A Healing Mindset

If you think you’ll heal or think you won’t, either way, you’re right!

Take Radical Self-Responsibility

Excuses prevent you from healing. Those that heal take absolute responsibility.

Be Intentional

Wake up each day with the intention to do what it takes to heal and not be sick.

Go Deeper into Your Healing Journey with my Courses

If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of functional nutrition and learning more about being your own best healer, feel free to take one of my courses.

Holistic Pharmacology

*This course is for Holistic Practitioners as well as anyone else that just wants to learn more about their medications. In this course, you will learn about various medications and their mechanism of action, side effects, nutritional deficiencies caused, and much more. You will gain a better understanding of how different medications change, interrupt, and affect the nutritional foundations including blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, and digestion. With the completion of this course, you will gain more confidence in your pharmacology knowledge so you can BEST support your clients or yourself when it comes to pharmaceutical medications.

Digestion and Upper GI Optimization

You do not have to live with uncomfortable digestive symptoms!  Have hope that by implementing the practical steps shared here, that you will be equipped to support and restore your digestive function and feel better again!  In this module, you will learn about: 

Basic functions of digestion, the truth about stomach acid, problems with digestion, why digestive symptoms happen, how to optimize digestion and how to know when digestion is optimizing.

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