As Holistic Practitioners, we have a special responsibility and unique ability to help our clients heal and enjoy their lives.

One challenge I have noticed amongst our community is a lack of understanding medications, especially the ones prescribed by our client’s western physicians.

Due to my background in nursing, I am commonly approached by FNTP colleagues asking questions about medications their clients are taking, not knowing what they mean or how they work. This hole in our profession needs to be filled.

Practitioner Coaching (1 hour) - $75

This is for FNTPs or any other nutrition or holistic practitioner that would like support with their clients.  I can help you with anything related to pharmacology, the medical system, procedures your clients are undergoing,  your clients’ doctors’ treatment plans etc. so you feel the best prepared to come alongside your client as they navigate the medical system.

Holistic Pharmacology

This course is now open to all. You do not have to be a practitioner to learn about medications and how they affect your wellness plan!

This course will teach you about various medications and their mechanisms of action. You will learn about:

I truly love to teach and make Pharmacology easy to learn! With the completion of this course, if you’re a practitioner, you will feel more confident in your practice when it comes to pharmacology. If you’re just wanting to learn about medications that you are on or considering a medication, you can feel less overwhelmed and be equipped to make the best choice for yourself. Simply complete these 3 steps to better support your client to thrive in their healing journey.

Step 1

Click on the course you’re interested in taking

Step 2

Pay the course fee

Step 3

Feed your mind!

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