Welcome, I am so glad you’re here! Here’s the hope: You can feel better! Your body was made to heal. You will overcome and your health will be restored! I am here to stand beside you as well as empower you in your healing journey! I know it can be overwhelming. I want to take some of that burden away!

- Ashlee

Heal. Truly Live. Thrive.

Hi! I'm Ashlee Symcox

I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I spent 10 years working in busy Emergency Departments all over the country as a travel nurse. I saw first hand the devastation of chronic illness on peoples’ lives, families, and life pursuits. I knew deep down that there had to be more to truly healing from chronic illness than treating symptoms and just hoping for the best

What I do?

I take a bio-individual approach to every client. What does this mean? Everyone has unique nutritional and health needs. There is no one-size-fits-all. What may work for one person does not work for the next. This is what makes Functional Nutrition so effective and set apart from the rest! I take a deep dive into symptoms to discover what needs to be addressed in your body foundationally and create a unique-to-you plan to heal the root cause. The foundations of health include digestion, blood sugar regulation, hydration, mineral balance, and fatty acids! When these foundations are properly supported with nutrient-dense, properly prepared foods as well as lifestyle changes, the body comes back into balance! I spend a lot of time on education so, grab a notebook! It’s important that I empower you with the knowledge of how to heal not just tell you to eat your veggies!

Who I help?

I help people navigating:


“Once you heal, you will no longer just survive, you will truly live then you’ll thrive.”

~ Ashlee Symcox

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    What People Say About Me

    Working with Ashlee has been an absolutely wonderful experience. I needed to gain weight and learn how to eat healthier. She helped me gain 12 lbs in a short period of time and showed me what type of organic and clean foods to eat and also helped me with food sensitivities. Whenever I have questions she answers me quickly and is always willing to go above and beyond. I love how positive she is and how she is willing to work with you in any way she can.

    Chrystal F.
    Ashlee's knowledge, support, and care is unmatched. When I first began seeing her, I was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer to which western medicine wasn't concerned about but she knew better. She gave me a protocol to heal my stomach ulcer so I could begin to not only live again but to THRIVE... thrive without burning stomach pain, bloat, discomfort and dis- ease. Thank you Ashlee.

    Brandi G.
    Ashlee has really helped me have great improvement and relief from severe digestive issues. She takes my concerns seriously and listens to me. Ashlee tailored treatment for my specific, unique needs..

    Alex L.
    I started seeing Ashlee because I felt that I was barely alive with constant fatigue, weight gain, and anxiety. At the first meeting with Ashlee, we went over my results and paved a pathway to wellness from where I was. Several months after being on this plan and changing my diet and lifestyle I am a different person than who I was when I first started seeing Ashlee. Ashlee has always been knowledgable, so supportive, and together we are making amazing strides toward my wellness goals.

    Meghan N.
    I have more energy since working with Ashlee. My digestion is so much better and the best part is that my liver enzymes have come down.

    Richard M.
    Working with Ashlee was the best decision I made for my health and my life. I was stuck, I couldn't figure out why I felt sluggish, bloated and kept gaining weight - against all efforts of trying to lose. After a scare with some blood work results, Ashlee sat down and read my lab work with me + went straight to work. She listened to my concerns, needs and helped develop a plan that ultimately led to success. Not only did I start seeing the scale change, but I'm sleeping better and have sustainable energy throughout the day. I've truly learned how to nurture my body with the foods I'm eating. Ashlee is so passionate about what she does and her desire to share her knowledge is contagious. If you have the opportunity to work with Ashlee, you won't regret it!

    Ally P.
    I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 4 years ago; after years of feeling fatigued, apathetic, irritability, and being in constant pain, I decided to work with Ashlee as a last attempt to feel better. With her initial process, thorough recommendations, and willingness to modify her recommendations in a way that are manageable for me, in less than a week I started feeling better. After working with her for a month, I felt like a whole new person. The best part about Ashlee is that her help isn’t limited to the monthly appointments - she is willing to provide feedback, answer questions, or giving additional recommendations regularly in between appointments. Me and my family are so grateful I found Ashlee and would highly recommend her to anyone with autoimmune conditions that want to take control back over their lives!

    Jennifer W.

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