Becca truly helped me when I needed someone to go to and get back on track for my career when I dropped out of nursing. She helped me find out what are my specific talents that I wasn’t even aware of! Today, I am very content and happy with my job as a respiratory therapist. Without her, I would still be mad at myself and hopeless. Thank you so much Becca for being there for me!
My life was a mess before I met Becca. I kept seeing myself circling around and being stuck in a toxic relationship. However, Becca helped me understand the importance of love and self-respect. She also helped me be able to communicate better with my partner, who I am still with today. I absolutely believe she is the right person to go to for love advices.
-Thomas L.
I highly recommend Becca, she is incredible. She is one of the most caring and thoughtful people that I have met thus far. I spoke to her for years and she helped me remove myself from a toxic relationship and focus on myself. I was able to get back on my feet and stay away from trouble. After speaking with her, I also realized what are my priorities in life. She helped me overcome fear of being alone, anxiety, and self-improvement. My vision in life has completely changed and I can say I am mentally and physically healthy. Thank you so much Becca!