Welcome to my shop! These are brands that I have partnered with that have exceptional standards. I have used all of these brands personally as well as in my practice!

Seeking Health

The best supplements for anything related to MTHFR including B vitamins and other methylation support. There are also great supplements for histamine support.

Thorne Research

Great supplements for detoxification support, metabolism, blood sugar regulation, and much more

Paleo Valley

Get the best whole food Vitamin C here. Also, the beef sticks are the most delicious snack made with sustainable greass fed beef!

Shop Paleo Valley supplements and snacks here with a 25% discount!

Leefy Organics

This is by far the best Tumeric supplement on the market. It is paired with ginger and black pepper to give you the best natural inflammation support.

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Online high-quality supplement dispensary at a discounted price.

Microbiome Labs

Complete gut healing support for balancing the microbiome and healing gastric permeability

Cellcore Biosciences

Extensive detoxification protocols for stealth infections, mold, parasites, and other toxic burdens.

Pete's Paleo

100% Paleo and AIP-friendly foods chosen by you and delivered to your doorstep for those on-the-go days!

Organo KING Coffee

The best cup of joe that won’t spike cortisol and other stress hormones. It contains Ganoderma Reishi spores that have immune-modulating, nervous system healing, and gut restoring properties. I drink it every day!


I am an affiliate with these companies which means that I am able to offer you discounts as well as make a small commission from your purchases! Thank you for shopping here!


Shop Paleo Valley supplements and snacks here with a 25% discount!

Use code ASHLEE for a 15% discount