FREE 30 Minute Discovery Call

Let’s talk! I want to hear what your health and nutrition concerns are. I will be asking you about your health history and what you hope to gain out of working with me and we can determine if we would be a good match!

Initial Appointment - $275.00

This is a 1.5-hour long appointment.  During the Initial Appointment, we will spend time going over your Intake Forms and Food Journal. We will discuss your health history, supplements, and medications.  I will be asking you more about your health concerns and work to get to the root of them.  There will be time to discuss (in-depth) where you are and where you want to go. I will also let you know what labs (if any) I think should be run.  We will come up with a plan that is unique to you and your nutritional goals!  I will provide you with action steps that you can take right away to get started on the road to feeling your best. Within 24 hours of your Initial Appointment, you will receive your unique-to-you wellness plan via the client portal.  You will have access to me via Instant Messenger between appointments. 

Please note that I do run comprehensive lab work and functional testing but those costs are separate and will be fully disclosed to you prior to being orderd.

Follow Up Appointment - $175.00

This is a 1 hour long appointment where we will check in from time to time to see how you are coming along with your wellness plan.  These can be scheduled any where from every 2 weeks to every 6 weeks depending on what you need! 

Grocery Shopping Trip - $85.00/hr

Nutrition starts at the grocery store (or anywhere you source your food). It can be overwhelming knowing what foods to choose that are clean and nutrient-dense. I love equiping people to be more aware of how to read ingredient label and how to avoid “greenwashing” tactics used to get consumers to buy foods that arent’t most healthy. I ‘ll meet you at a grocery store of your choice. This services is offered to those in the okc metro area and established clients only.

Practitioner Coaching $45.00/30 min

This is for fntps or any other nutrition practitioner that would like to have a coaching session with me. I can help you with anything related to pharmacology, the medical system, procedures, your client’ docters treatment plants etc

It can be challenging for your clients to navigate their experience in the medical field. Be an advocate for them as you come along side them in their healthy journye!